Selected vintages

Our history

Bodegas Martinón is a small family winery located in the quintessential wine-producing area of the island of Lanzarote, La Geria. Founded by Eduardo Martinón Armas (Babo Martinón), a lover of the countryside and the island of Lanzarote, it sought to create a wine from a selected vintage, pampering and taking care of every detail of the process that turns the raw material into one of the benchmarks of the island, the 100% volcanic Malvasia wine. Thus, his new project, BODEGAS MARTINÓN, was born in 2006.

At the beginning, we started working on three references, two of them 100% volcanic malvasía (Martinón Blanco Seco and Martinón Rosado), and a third 100% listán negro (Vino Tinto Martinón). Over the years we saw the need to take a step forward and create other types of wines, while always maintaining our main reference, the one that defines our essence, our wine DRY WHITE MARTINÓN 100% Volcanica Malvasia, a wine that, today, continues to be our main reference, both nationally and internationally.

Our second reference, Blanc de Noirs, a dry white wine made 100% from Listán negra grapes, was born in 2019, when we considered it necessary to innovate, becoming from that moment the first winery in Lanzarote, and one of the first throughout the Canary Islands, in creating this type of wine.

Our third reference is the Martinón Afrutado, a 100% volcanic Malvasia white wine, whose fruity notes make it unique. And finally, our Lágrima de Martinón stands out, a dry white wine made, also, with 100% volcanic Malvasía grapes, which is made with the vine that grows from a certain area of the island and whose production process differs from that of other types of wine, so it is impossible to carry it out in all vintages. This wine obtained in 2019, the last year of its production, a Grand Baco de Oro.

La Geria

It is the wine-growing area par excellence on the island of Lanzarote, where we find the holes (called gerias) where the vines are born. These holes can have a depth of more than 8 and 10 meters, which is why it is considered heroic viticulture.


Due to the complexity of the area, when starting to treat the land, the help of camels was necessary to be able to carry out the work and to be able to achieve, in this way, the so-called “gerias”. That is why the wines that come from these hundred-year-old vines, with its native variety of the island, the volcanic Malvasia, are unique in the world.

A family story

Bodegas Martinón was born in 2006 in search of quality wines that would represent the work of the island of Lanzarote. This is how, over the years, Bodegas Martinón has created four new references:

  • Blanco Seco 100% Volcanic Malvasia
  • Blanc de Noirs 100% Listán Negro
  • Afrutado 100% Volcanic Malvasia
  • Lágrima 100% Volcanic Malvasia

All these references have been very well received both nationally and internationally, having obtained a large number of awards that can be seen here.

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