Blanc de noirs





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Blanc de noirs

• Terms: To make MARTINÓN BLANC DE NOIRS 2022, the best grapes from the estate are selected, located in the surroundings of the town of Masdache, in the heart of La Geria, within the D.O. Lanzarote.

• Strains: 100% Listán Negro, a native variety of the area.

• Elaboration: Manual harvest and selected in boxes close to 18 Kg to take care of the grape until its incubation. In order to achieve a greater varietal character, and to be able to extract from it the greatest amount of aromas and aromatic precursors, after the harvest, the bunches are cooled in the boxes themselves up to 5ºC with the help of a refrigerated room. Having achieved this cooling, a second manual selection of the bunches is carried out, for their subsequent destemming. After the vintage is vatted, a minimal film maceration of the must is carried out immediately with the skins in order to extract aromas, later, the must is bled quickly to avoid transferring color to the must, for this reason does not go through the press, taking the must once settled to ferment in stainless steel tanks with jackets to control the fermentation temperature at 14ºC. Finally it is clarified, filtered, and bottled.

• Pairing: With all kinds of light dishes, ideal in warm climates like the one enjoyed by the Canary Islands. Especially appropriate as an accompaniment to rice dishes, fried fish and warm dishes.

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Blanc de Noirs